Be active this Memorial Day

Arlington National Cemetery with American flags on each grave

Wikimedia Commons

Our veterans make our country strong. We should always respect them. They should not have to live on a small salary and food stamps. Their combat pay is not taxable. I agree with that determination. 

When our troops are not involved in combat, like Afghanistan, I believe they should take a part of their time in the service to work on projects in the U.S. and its territories. 

This Memorial Day, we should remember them. Visit loved ones’ graves if members of your family have served or visit the resting place for service members you have no other connection with, such as at Arlington Cemetery. Put a small flag on the grave or go to a parade. These acts are a way to say “thank you” and “you are not forgotten.” 

Also, it might be possible to call a place that serves soldiers and ask whether there is anything needed, like used clothing or letters and care packages for those abroad. 

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