Battle Poem: Old School vs Youth

Photo of a hand holding a pencil above a sheet of notebook paper with two lines already written.

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This “battle poem” shows a pattern of how a young person and an older person views life in our society. I was inspired to pull this together because my stepdaughter is talented and I wanted to challenge her skills. I’m sure she’s going to be a big name journalist or screenwriter someday. We sat down and wrote each poem on the spot. I wrote mine and then she responded to it. 

Now, customers and readers, who wrote the better poem? 

By Ibn Hipps 

Bird’s fly and time freezes
A thug angels’ clipped-wings Sins control what society breeds
The mind feeds from what the eyes seek
Blood stains angry seeds
Loving to live false beliefs
Time fads the truth we seek 

By London Dews 

When we hurt
They tell us to believe
But when we get hope
They take us by the throat
And when we choke
They blame it on the rope 

False accusations and bleak education
But yet we’re expected to make it
So we turn to the streets and fake it
Got so much power but we are forsaken
And when we’re drained of all our faith
The vultures come ready to take everything
When our lives is done.

To vote on the poems, speak to Ibn where he sells papers at the McPherson Square Metro (13th and I Streets NW), email [email protected], or Tweet using the hashtag #SSMBattlePoem.

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