Autumn For Us

Image of road surrounded by trees in Autumn.

Paul Bica/ Flickr


By Henrieese Roberts, Vendor/Artist

When I see beautiful pictures of fall leaves on golden trees that lead into road paths as fall beckons winter and snow, I recall my most wonderful memories of fall when I was growing up with my parents.

After school, my brothers and sisters and I headed to the cotton field to pick cotton and load the trucks.

My dad always greeted us with warm cinnamon rolls that had been drenched by the sun. I always stretched my leg against my mom’s as we packed peanuts.

We frolicked around the two springs as we headed up the hill to our home. Those were the best cinnamon rolls!

Illustration of a woman smelling cinnamon rolls.
Illustration of a woman smelling cinnamon rolls| By Angie Whitehurst


Fall For Me, When I Was Homeless

By Patty Smith, Vendor/Artist

It was a cold day. The storm was going to come that evening. I was at work and it had rained just a little bit. By the time I got home, around 5:30, the rain was really coming down. The storm was on me and a few of the girls outside the shelter. I tried to make it to a little branch. The water poured and poured. My God, I thought, this is the day I’m going to die. So much pain. I thought I would have a heart attack. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t move. Finally, I ran around the corner and got under the covering of a building. No one should go through so much pain.



By Evelyn Nnam, Vendor/Artist

Oh Autumn, you are finally here. You took a while to come but you made it. I love the colors you have changed on to the leaves. Autumn you have been a little weird. Since the weather is up and down, some days are extremely cold and others are warm. I know that you will not be able to stay since Winter will come very soon but please remain so I can enjoy your comfortable presence.

Autumn, I will enjoy every minute that you will be here. The dress code has changed from t-shirts, shorts, and sandals to sweaters, thick coats, and boots. I can certainly say that you aren’t that bad Autumn. You may have your flaws, like freezing cold air, but other than that you are amazing. You have a way with yourself that can never be expected. You will soon leave and come back but I will definitely enjoy you. Thank you Autumn and thank you all.

God Bless!

Illustration of a man picking cotton.
Illustration of a man picking cotton | By Angie Whitehurst


My Fall and Flavors

By Cleo, Vendor/Artist

Fall is my favorite season because the leaves change like the seasons; different colors and different conditions. The fall always makes me revisit my past. Once when I was in grade school, my class took different colored leaves and placed them between two sheets of wax paper with many colors. For some reason, that thought stays with me.

Another past thought that comes to mind is about a relationship. It was pleasant at first. We were the best of friends, but there was a forbidden complication and an endangerment that left us both in a state of anger and separation. But I have put that behind me now. Now, I love the fall because of hot pumpkin spice lattes. They warm my mouth and make me smile.



By Michael Jackson, Vendor/Artist

Autumn is the time for changing in the four seasons. The beautiful color of the leaves changes. Autumn is so beautiful, especially when you visit the mountains. The birds begin flying south, school becomes serious, football season is in gear, and baseball’s World Series happens.

Autumn gives me serenity, peace and an appreciation of what God has created. It’s the time of Halloween and Thanksgiving, which lead to Christmas and New Year’s. It’s the time to start making changes in my life and reflecting about the past year.

I love autumn and all its glory.

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