Astrology Theories for Us

The sun, the moon, the stars and the planets all have elements and properties known only to a few. Scientists are eager to study the moon’s dust-to-ice ratio, as well as potential water sources below the surface of Mars. We are embarking on a new frontier, which poses all sorts of risks. Some life and death. Some trial and error. Some failure.
The study of these elements brings me to Astrology. It’s a fascinating field. I enjoy studying it and have developed some of my own theories. In the end, it is a way to look at and try to make sense of life. For instance: everyone has both a sun and a moon sign. The sun sign describes a person’s core personality, while the moon sign describes a person’s inner and more-private self.
Searching for answers and questioning existence is ongoing for me. I’d love to speak with any of you, my readers, about astrology in-person. So stop by and grab a paper too if you’d like!

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