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A photo of Brookland Manor

Justine Coleman

Recently, the honorable Councilman McDuffie shied away and physically retreated with great rapidity from an agreed upon meeting with the tenants of Brookland Manor, who are victims of coercive politics and regentrification maneuvers by city government and the development contractors who backed our mayor’s campaign.

It was dismaying to see the Ward 5 representative write to The Washington Post about a need for campaign finance reform — in the name of Democracy, a more even playing field and less pay-to-play antics — just one week after he ran out on the constituency that elected him.

Democracy is, “we the people” and freedom of speech is an important part of that. Officials in every level of government should respect their constituents to see and hear from them without shying away.

These human beings at Brookland Manor deserve and are overly due an audience and serious discussion with Councilmember McDuffie. He is supposed to be their champion, not their foe. Thank goodness, the tenants do not have to pay-to-play. They can vote! Do the right thing Mr. McDuffie!

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