I once met a lady that worked in a theater as a reverend. She taught Bible scriptures. One day, she had some stars come down to sing and perform for us. We were in the sanctuary assembled together to learn about the Messiah’s word and how to live out the Ten Commandments and other laws of the Bible.

They had laborious jobs inside the church theater. So I helped them out in my spare time. I applied myself there, helping out with any and everything that needed to be done in the Lord and Savior’s name. Then I realized that they were doing negative things in God’s name. Bad things started to happen. Bad things happened to people that were supporting this situation, and it went all the way to a senator’s house and the house of a congresswomen. I really did not like what happened, so I left and went home. And that’s where I stayed for a while. Eventually, they put all the people’s stuff out on the curb and people went to other places to assemble together for the Lord’s house.

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