Hurt and pain!

Somebody explain to me how you heal from hurt. There are all kinds of suggestions. Pray, meditate, throw yourself into work.

But, when you are really hurt emotionally — say from the death of someone close or a broken heart, from love gone wrong or disappointment from a dream you know could never happen, like when a child grows up to be a drug addict and you can’t help; it’s hard to heal.

Some wise people say you have to learn to live with the pain, bury it inside and try not to deal with or think about it. It’s very hard, sort of a brain operation to forget. No matter what, it creeps into your thoughts without notice. You cry, you talk to yourself, and you try not to be a burden to others by being down all the time; you are overly nice to people. And, sometimes, talk too much about nothing, because you don’t want people to know you are hurt.

In short, the hurt becomes you and changes your life. You have to constantly work at living strong and not letting the hurt take life from you. Everyone has experienced hurt and pain, now you have to learn to love yourself more than the pain.

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