A Typical Street Sense Morning

A Typical Street Sense Morning


Awakening, bones aching

from sleeping on marble

A loving good morning kiss to her

Throw on my shoes, roll up our blankets

A few quick good mornings to my fellow un-housed

Then off to Mickey D’s for a cup of joe

That life-giving brew which awakens my mind

A large cup, refill, and maybe another

Then race to my corner before the old lady

Gets there to panhandle, respect must be given

Before it can be expected

Plop down my bags, and start to sell

A dollar here, two dollars there

The cash flow begins to add

I get a laugh from the suits who

Check their wallets and smirk

I pity their souls, and laugh at their fear

All right! Someone gave me a five!

This goes on for an hour or three

As packets grow so does hunger

Got enough for breakfast, maybe lunch

And a pack of smokes to last the day

As morning slips into afternoon, the rush dies down

Time to go to lunch.

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