A Tribute to Hillary

Hillary Clinton

Gage Skidmore/Flickr

Yes, she has faced some of the hardest times one could. She had to fight back, hers and our tears. Now she wants to carry our messed up world on her slender shoulders and to face the wright of most of the world’s fears, while Congress stands in silence.

So let’s one and all believe in change forever. Let’s get out and vote. let’s see that beautiful smile, let’s show Trump, the Bushes and the Rubios that this fine and take-charge lady has style. Let her talk her talk, let her walk her walk. Let’s make history with her. Because, if this bad lady wins, it will be the sum of all their blind Republican fears. She will have set a trend that will stay in our past forever.

I believe she stands on what she says and that she will try to get done what needs to be done, for everyone. I do feel she is our girl. Like McCain said against Obama. I want me a girl in office. But that was the wrong girl. She couldn’t help this world.

So yes, be very careful as to how you make your choice. You will see she’s the only one who has political prowess and is very much in touch with what’s in this world. She has a voice she knows how to use.

Others have lost their voice. And the rest are selling the U.S. and coming up with alibis. So, never say never. And to the ones that believe a woman can’t do her job, not a man’s job, her job, I say she’s a beautiful, knowledgeable yet gentle flower, ready for our world—the here and now.

Like freedom, her voice and ideas of a better world rings true. She understands people from all walks of life, people like myself: an ex-con. I was one big-time criminal who gave my life to my God and now I write about that life.

But her trek was hard too, yet she has the best in her heart for me and you.

Prejudice means one does not understand another’s way of life or their trek. We may persevere in every way, yet some still feel they can put roadblocks in our way. They don’t realize that it’s another day and time.

We do things the new way.

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