A thought of peace

I know it’s not true what they say about you
there’s a sound on the ground
prayers of peace are going down
in my lifetime will I ever see
a world of peace
just to have some peace
just to have some peace of mind
if I could remember
the time after so many wars
I had a thought about no more
innocent people dying
mothers in the holy land
are still crying over that innocent
child all the while those in high
places are thinking of the Lord
don’t see all that you do
repentance is all up to you
just add to the Ten Commandments
and stand up for justice and living
for peace and to the Twelve Tribes
those commandments won’t lie
about you on the day of judgment
many will question about why
did the babies have to die
for the big lie fake news
devils working to divide me
and you from one humanity
just like the leaves everything
is in the Lord’s time when we all
will crumble and die and be born
anew the greeting you will receive
is all up to you
Peace and prosperity
freedom of Palestine in my lifetime
the Lord of us all ain’t never lied
the sun and the moon
will one day collide
on that day the evil man did
will be put on trial
the Messiah will hold the scale
that gives weight to who will
go through the gates of heaven
and hell, the seven gates
and the seven states
they could have changed
for one person one vote
and for those for whom
democracy has become
a joke a thing of the past
and will this war between
good and evil mentioned
in the Scriptures of times
gone by
Just the other day
I cried I know the devil
is a lie there is no reason
for men women and children
to have to die to fight
in the name of the Lord
to stand up for justice
believers in the truth
Black Lives do matter
Israel is the homeland
of Palestinians and Jews
and maybe there is some
truth about what they say
on the other side
at the end of the day it’s all
in the Lord’s eyes
and the time for all who see
all we do for peace

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