A proposal 

Dear Street Sense Media, I am proposing an idea for a fundraiser to promote our gifts and talents.

My proposal is as follows: Let’s use the downstairs space in the Church of the Epiphany to host a talent show.

Let’s sell 10 tickets per person to the show and sell the tickets for $20 apiece.

Let us direct Ms. Maria Lares to become our sponsor and director for this event.

I propose we host this Street Sense Media talent show in October. At the show, we should also sell cakes, pies, cookies and sodas. At the show we should allow people to recite poems for their dead loved ones.

I am not the only one with an idea for fundraising. For example, Mr. Morgan has an idea for us to have a fish fry. But I am only speaking here on behalf of my proposal. P.S. If you like this idea, please reach out to Ms. Maria or Mr. Thomas. 

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