A Meditation on The Celebration

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Sometimes it is hard to celebrate one person receiving housing when you know there are so many others still in need. This week I went to three homewarming celebrations for people I have known for years. All three have a story to tell.

I have seen these people come through the storm. I have heard about their many bad days. Despite that, I have seen them still smile and be ready to help their fellow man.

I hope these events are the first of many really deserving people getting the housing they need. For most of them, housing is healthcare. And for some of them, it means ending their lives with dignity.

I have lived in D.C. long enough to know that when the city only helps a few, that usually means they plan to build something big and new – but not for the people most in need. As the skyscrapers continue to go up, we’re just now housing folks that have been homeless for 10 years, sometimes more.

One of my friends just got a place to live last month. He passed away this month. His death kind of made me feel like the city plans for a city where most of us won’t be around. That is, if we can’t find some way to get people the housing that is their human right. Now.

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