What Have you Done for Me, What Have I Done for Me?

What Have you Done for Me

Stopped me from slipping farther

Into the world of darkness

A step away from homelessness and poverty

Be financially able to purchase the neces­sities to survive

Seeing, feeling, a change that I so much dreamed about was not just a dream that it was always there and could be

A chance to express myself to society

Being a disabled veteran you’ve gotten

Me active

(Thank you Street Sense)

What Have You Done For Me Lately

Treated, trusted and supported me without a question or doubt,

Showed kindness, listened, speaking dai­ly with a smile, an occasion conversation, always leaving me with a warm feeling.

(Blessings and thanks to all my sup­porters I love you)

What Have I Done For Myself

Accepted Jesus Christ and his father almighty God as my Savior, protector, teacher and leader,

Addressed my medical problems, learn­ing to live with my chronic pain disorder, and accept the limitations of my handi­cap working within and a little around my limits,

Started college (Cecil Community Col­lege) studying electronic engineering in computors.1 year in which I’m in the pro­cess of going back. Went back to American Works (learned how to make resumes in template form). Joined the networks for jobs for the disabled veterans,

Reconnected with a very strong, loving, woman from my past and we have love in our hands for God almighty and each other.

I can smile, laugh, think, enjoy, pray and love without hate

Guess what? I am having the time of my life and enjoying every moment with­out stress, depression, worry or fear, andI thank almighty God, Street Sense and all of my supporters and the special lady in my life.


Just a reminder: surrendering to God almighty makes all possible as only he can

I thank you my Lord for all that I am, and for all you have made me to be.


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