2019 engulfed, swallowed, buried, and eradicated 2020

A photo of a clock on the wall.

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Time of thought Past.

A war versus reality. Where did 2020 go?

Hope for what is not here yet: The future, 2021.


Wishful thinking avalanches the reality of the moment called now.

Probability gambling of risk is not predictable.

The rock of that thoughtful, wanton foundation and premise 

has no existence in a pandemical, COVIDed, twenty minus two equals an isolated true sum total momentarily, née COVID-19.

The time has lost a year. Do the atomic clock and NIST (National Institute of Standards) or Big Ben and the Swiss watchmakers know the time of the today?

Baffled, stunned, the clock stopped.

No running tick tock.

Curiosity died with the Wall Street cats.

Checks with balances were sanitized, diluted, refuted, and discarded in the battle of science versus politics versus global nation-state monetary corporate greed. The war of no guns, only contagious disease.

Corner the market on the cure and 

A scary thought: who will rule the world?

Back to questions, digging for the facts.

Where is COVID-1 to COVID-18? 

There is a whopping huge gap between the two, 

in the constantly updated, round-the-clock stream of news.

Explain the leap, loss of time.

Will errors and omissions insurance reimburse the world for the damage, pain, and loss of life— for  harm caused due to ordained misinformation?

And the culprits’ names, denials, retorts; there’s been no mention of any grade-school five “Ws”:




Where? and


Going to sprout pearly beads of truth? Yes? No? Maybe so???

Who knows. 

The ABCs of mindless logic clearly washed away, replaced by the tie-dye of 

severely faded strength of truth with legacy lost within misled glory.

COVID 2020 slid right into 2021. 

2019 engulfed, swallowed, buried, and eradicated 2020. 

It is based on nothing known, seen, guaranteed, nor tangibly conceived.

2019 passed not, it stayed without an Einstein’s equation.

Could it be the quantum physics of time travel and metaphysics?

Nor could 2019 be 2020.

The delusion, loud as the church bells, rapping, knocking, waiting, 

boisterously enunciating, lip-syncing a thousand ways over and over again,

rolls out nothing but words, brainwashing any true sense of things.

Deluded into losing a year to time zooming spatially into 2021.

Let us not let the thoughts be true of falling craggy waterfalls.

Nor let us keep rewinding time backward to a way of discriminately unwanted false imposition of lies over truth.

Let the past go, taking the lessons learned.

It’s not too late to make this a year of hope, faith, transformation, kindness, and love. Let this be a year of thoughtfulness with good time derived from John Lewis and his good trouble. Now is the right time for good thoughts.

P.S. And by the way, let’s end homelessness and end food, job and education deserts!!!

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