Terry Nicholetti

Terry Nicholetti, Founder and Chief Encourager of Speak Out, Girlfriend! is a former teaching nun and professional actor/playwright and author, with nearly 30 years experience in sales and marketing. A speaker, speaking coach and member of National Speakers Association, Terry helps business professionals overcome fear of speaking in public and use this powerful tool to grow their success. For the past five years, Terry has been studying Mindfulness Meditation, and loves to share this simple yet profound process for becoming more “present” at difficult moments, like when you’re nervous right before a presentation. A member of Unity Movement congregations for more than a decade, Terry has built her “Speak Out, Girlfriend! 9 Steps to Get from Fearful to Fabulous” in part on Unity principles, especially that the spirit of God (or Source or Universe) lives in each of us, and that we create our life’s experiences through our thoughts and visions.

We asked Terry how she came to offer the Sales Development Workshop to Street Sense vendors. “I’ve loved Street Sense ever since I moved to DC, and I began to chat informally with vendors about what works for them,” she said. “Several years ago I suggested to a young woman that she was not asking for a handout, but rather that she had a valuable product to sell, with content that readers would not find anywhere else. When I saw her a few weeks later, she said that our talk had really made a difference.”

Inspired by that conversation, Terry approached Vendor Manager, Brandon Caudill, with the idea of offering a sales development workshop for interested vendors. After a few months of experimenting with various times and days, Terry and Brandon settled on a 1/2 hour meeting immediately following the monthly vendor meetings.

“I’m learning so much from the vendors,” said Terry, “and I’m sure the structure and content of the workshop will evolve as we get to know one another’s stories. During the workshop, we give great weight to sharing what’s already working for the successful vendors.”

You can find out more about Terry’s work as actor, speaker, and speaking coach at http://speakoutgirlfriend.com.