Bardia Saeedi

Volunteer Leader and Creator – Interactive Installation Art Project

Bardia is an interactive installation artist. A veteran IT executive and a serial entrepreneur of 25 years, Bardia Saeedi works solo and in open collaborative teams to create art with found objects, live plants, and interactive techniques and technology. He became a full time artist and producer in 2011 during a “self discovery” period, working at a plant nursery, where he began making art installations with live plants, inspired by the vertical gardens of Patrick Blanc.

Along with participation in local art exhibitions and interactive art festivals, Bardia has produced two locally commissioned interactive art installations. A permanent installation at Southern Regional Tech/Rec facility in Prince George’s County, Md., uses projection and 3D cameras to turn audience movement into images in light. The two-month “Eyes of Ballston” installation, outside the Ballston Metro station in Arlington, Va., used small LED sculptures installed in trees; participants could use their mobile phones to change the light patterns.