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Employment Assistance
~They help with the job search process. From resume advice to employment orientation and more, they can help you find employment. Get help in your job search by tapping into the right resources:
~Washington, DC:
~~Staff at the Refugee Center assist clients in doing on-line job applications and job research.
~~Our Employment Referrals and Job Readiness Training Programs in DC and MD help compile weekly employment opportunities for job seekers, particularly Latino immigrants, and offer regular workshops to prepare job seekers for success in their career.
~~Staff at the Catholic Charities Center (Archdiocese of Washington) assist clients complete on-line job applications, search for jobs and compose resumes.
~For more information and resources, click here.

Legal Services
~They provide Pro bono (free) services for clients with civil legal issues: consumer debt/bankruptcy, employment, family law (including child custody and domestic violence), landlord-tenant and housing issues, public benefits, wills and probate, guardianship and conservatorship. For more information, click here.
~They offer Legal immigration services to foreign-born individuals and their families. For more information, click here.
~They also offer Pro bono (free) financial services to those who otherwise would not have access to financial education and coaching. For more information, click here.

~The Southern Maryland Food Bank operates food services, including:
~~Food Pantry: If you need emergency food help, please click here for a list of pantries by county. We also manage a local food pantry at our location.
~~Meals & Hope Food Truck: Serving food to those in need, meeting people where they are and providing them with nourishing meals and fellowship; without prejudice. We strive to provide the best meal choices and use the very best business practices, possible, to assist those in crisis.
~Southern Maryland Food Bank Location 22A Irongate Drive Waldorf, MD 20602
~Phone: (301) 274-0695
~The Catholic Charities Center in Silver Spring, MD also operates a food bank
~Catholic Charities Center Location 12247 Georgia Avenue / Silver Spring, MD 20902
~Phone: (301) 942-1790
~The Share Food Network is a “non-profit, community-based organization dedicated to offering healthy, nutritious groceries at a roughly 50 percent discount.”
~ “Monthly value packages cost just $22 and include $40-$45 worth of basic and healthy groceries; always four to six pounds of frozen proteins and 8 to 12 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables, sometimes with seasonal grocery or dessert items.”
~ “Everyone is welcome to purchase without application, qualification, identification, or documentation.   Everyone receives the same, fresh, high-quality food.”
~Click here for a menu.
~Click here to order food and select a pick up location.

Medical Care
~They  “operate a medical office in the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood of Washington, DC and a medical office in Silver Spring, Md. Both locations offer primary care for adults and children who may not have insurance. Additionally, both programs offer groups for chronic health issues. Yes, we speak Spanish!” To learn more, click here.
~They also provide mental health counseling and services and accept most forms of healthcare. For more information, click here.
~ “ChAMPS (Child and Adolescent Mobile Psychiatric Service) is an emergency response service for children, teenagers and adolescent adults who are having a mental health or behavioral health crisis. DC residents can call 202-481-1400 for emergency mental health and psychiatric care 24/7, 365 days a year.” To learn more, click here
~The Catholic Charities Health Care Network also help connect patients with referrals from a primary care clinic with a medical specialist office when the patient does not have insurance to cover. To learn more about these services, click here.
~Additionally, “St. Jude’s Project supports families and patients who have been diagnosed with Huntington’s disease or other life-limiting illnesses. Staff work to coordinate medical care along with emotional support for both patients and their caregivers.” To learn more, click here.

~ “These are shelters open to any single adult every single night of the year. You can simply show up at 7 pm and go through intake. We will provide you with a bed, a hot meal, a place to shower and use the restroom, and access to a case manager.”
~~Men’s Shelters in Northeast DC:
Adam’s Place
New York Avenue
~~Men’s Shelter in Southeast DC:
801 East
~~Women’s Shelter in Northeast DC:
Harriet Tubman
~~Women’s Shelter in Northwest DC:
Nativity Shelter
~~Women’s Shelter in Southern Maryland:
Angel’s Watch
~Permanent Supportive Housing in Washington, DC and Maryland
~We offer two forms of permanent supportive housing: scattered site (located in apartments throughout the city) and site-based (located in a single building).
~~Scattered Site:
Fortitude DC Program
Chronic Homeless Initiative-5 (CHI-5) Program
Mt. Carmel House
Mulumba House
Fortitude MD (Southern Maryland)
St. Sebastian Townhouses (Southern Maryland)
~ “Catholic Charities offers transitional housing programs in Montgomery County and Southern Maryland. These programs are geared to help assist certain causes of homelessness — domestic violence, substance abuse or addiction, or mental illness.”
~~Montgomery County:
Dorothy Day Program
~~Southern Maryland:
Angel’s Watch
~”We offer three programs where clients have 24/7 access to a room in a small building. Single Room Occupancy (SRO) is a great option for someone who is close to being able to afford to live independently, and also stable after dealing with the root causes of homelessness”
~~SRO options include:
McKenna House
8th Street
Rock Creek Church House
~For more information about these housing options, click here.

924 G St NW, Washington, DC 20004
(202) 772-4300

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