You can’t let go

You can’t let go
You’re trapped inside your mind cause you live in the ghetto

Now in retrospect, your intellect
The feeling’s mutual
I could paint a clearer picture
But we love what we’re used to

Suicide– a wicked thought our world desires
We running through hell with our draw’s drenched in fire

Transverse your life, it’s worth the fight
“You only get one try– I only got one mic.”
Now everything that’s wrong feels right

I’m proof I’m living
They living in the past but your dreams I’m fulfilling
Kids are getting kidnapped, kids are killing children
Time for us to take over everything we given

Now hope is not a sin, so I’m asking for forgiveness
Living in this world- is it only to bear witness?
Active testimony so I can handle business
Victory is glory, and my story is my vision

As I walked through the shadow of death
I hold my breath
I look to the left and realize no one’s left

A soft sound said just come to me
A tear rolled my face and I dropped to my knees
Lord please- forgive me for my sins, my burdens
Everything I was doing, Lord knows I have a purpose

Familiar faces, lost dreams
Everything that glistens
Ain’t always what is seems

The system set up to make us drown up in the flood
Survival of dependency, you’re stuck up in the mud
Acting like you care while you wish we just give it up
Victory is overgrowing what you overcome! (Huh)

Now it’s the M-A-N-G-O star
And if I wasn’t I wouldn’t have been blessed this far
Now people spend their life looking for who they are
Where the sky is the limit
This track has no bars
Victory is ours

First you get the money,
Then you get the power
There’s no competition
Competition we devour
I’m out here grinding to my 25th hour

Heyyyy- can’t stop
Be thankful for your life
You can climb to the top

I know you get tired, scared, or wanna quit
Take yourself up and apply your gifts

Know your purpose, fulfill your dream
Cause everything you see
Ain’t always what it seems

The sky is the limit, don’t let no one try to stop you
Victory succeeding after everything you been through

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