Winter to summer

Graphic by Bruna Costa

Winter, spring, autumn, summer. You may think, why are there four seasons? If there were five, who would know?

When it comes to turning the clock or using a digital watch, add one hour or vice versa. The question will be what or how many, not will one. You know in the United States of America, you have to turn the clock when winter begins. The hours of the night become more than the days. Temperature can fall too. Days are cold or colder than is normal, and it snows.

How many hours of the night or day according to seasons? How do the temperatures change?

A. Temperatures. From November to February, it is winter. Temperatures are from minus 20 or 30 Fahrenheit. (Don’t ask the range in Celsius, Fahrenheit is Celsius times 9.5). As you may know, Fahrenheit degrees are higher than degrees Celsius

B. From spring to summer, the range of months is February/Groundhog Day to early May or June every year. You can experience the 40 F to 70 F or possibly 80 F.

C. In autumn and summer, the temperature changes from 70 F to possibly over.

The season can fool you short or another inconvenience. You need to behave with them. The seasons are life itself.

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