Wild visions!

There are times where I have visions or nightmares of being back in 1996. This was when I saw my mother get stabbed and my grandmother die in her bed from cancer. The crazy part of this dream is that I am my current age and mindset. I hope I’m not the only one with dream visions like this.

In this dream, there are people who are already dead like my mother and grandmother, my old friends and good people I met in real life. It’s crazy because everyone was at a good point in their lives. We were happy and partying but the year was 1996 and D.C. was the place to be, a wild city.

Everyone was even doing for their family or locked away doing time. D.C. was crime high with murder and drugs and I was a part of the party in 1996. My mother was my teacher and partner. She got stabbed over a $100. The woman wanted my mother’s product and she was short $50, so she stabbed her, robbed my mother for her product.

It’s like the grim reaper played an effect. Though I could speak in this dream, my mother couldn’t hear me. It was real in this dream. The grim reaper was there and snatched me. When I went to get my grandmother to come help my mother with her stab wounds, she was dead in her bed.

My good man then called my phone talking about how he had just been shot in the back at the Go-Go two times in the back and then showed up at my grandmother’s house with holes in his back saying, “Look man, I only need a drink so this pain can go away.” I can say that this was a wild dream vision.

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