Why we suffer

A photograph of a human eye containing an image of a crying child.


God says, “we suffer because of the lack of knowledge.” The day will come when He will be our only relief. It seems like that day is here. The slave master that had you in slavery still has his foot on your neck. He has everything you would like to have, set out in front of you, just to keep your eyes and mind on him, and keep you from seeking the God that keeps life in your body.  

How can we protect and teach our children what is right when our minds and our ways don’t give us a chance to learn right from wrong? All we know is “how fat that woman is or how good that dope feels or how big that car is?” How can we learn what God tells us is right when our minds are so far away from the truth?  

But there is one coming that we don’t want to miss. The One that’s coming to give us relief. But I don’t know what and who to look for. We are going to miss the goodness of what God has planned, stay in our misery if we don’t figure out what we should do, what we should look for and how to recognize it. 

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