Who’s Zooming Who?

An open laptop sits on a bench outside.

Virtual meetings have led to a rise in screen time. Photo courtesy of 377053 / Pixabay.

If you’re wondering why I’m rolling around on the floor

This is my third Zoom meeting in a row.

It seems like one meeting bleeds into another.

In one I thought I saw my twin brother

I was talking to a group about racial equity

When someone yelled loudly, “Hey kitty, kitty!”

Then there’s that mute/unmute thing driving me insane

Makes us wonder if we have water on the brain.

How about right before it’s over some guest comes on,

When the meeting was about housing they’re talking about porn!

Some people monopolize and just won’t hush

That’s when I go in the bathroom with my phone and flush!

Sometimes it feels like a hundred people in the room

And like Aretha said, it makes you wonder ‘Who’s Zooming Who?”

James Davis is an artist and vendor for Street Sense.

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