What’s the Big Problem with Voter IDs?

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In a press conference that ranged from bizarre to cringeworthy, Joe Biden announced plans to use the full force of the government to go door to door to pressure the unvaccinated into getting a vaccine shot. 

In a strange contradiction, the same people who want to defund police see nothing un-American about wanting the government to police people to wear masks and maintain social distancing. 

And yet for some reason, in the warped world of this administration, requiring an ID to vote is shameful and “un-American.”

The claim by advocates against voter IDs is they disenfranchise marginalized communities, chiefly people of color. However, a poll by Rasmussen Reports found that 75 percent of likely voters believe photo identification should be presented before voting, including 69 percent of Black voters.  

Democrats always claim to be the party of civil rights, particularly with African Americans. But they can’t see how patronizing and demeaning their arguments are when allegedly defending Black voters. Advocates say voter ID requirements are racist because African Americans don’t have access to the internet. As an African American, I believe this is liberal condescension at its worst. Don’t you need an ID to cash a check, drive a car, or get on an airplane? Then how is  requiring ID to vote considered a return to “Jim Crow”? 

You would think the one person in favor of voter ID requirements would be Joe Biden. When a third of Americans and 63 percent of Republicans believe Biden is illegitimate, according to a Monmouth University poll from June, that means they believe elections are fraudulent and rigged. What makes America further divided is trying to silence, censor, and deplatform anyone who wants a full forensic audit to see if the ballots match the voter rolls. 

It’s confusing to see why Joe Biden, his flunkies and corporate-controlled media oppose a policy that has bipartisan support, including from a large swath of the Black and Hispanic population that helped to elect Biden. Yet in his press conferences, Biden looks to the public and calls the voter ID requirement and other proposed measures to ensure voting integrity “the most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War.”  

For one time, I agree with Biden. This is one fight that no American can back down from! All legal votes must count and your ID must prove you’re a citizen and live in the district or community where you vote. 

For a party that calls themselves Democrats, there’s nothing more democratic than making sure it’s one man, one vote. Voting should be done the way it’s always been done, through bipartisan hand counts. They fool no one with complicated schemes like superdelegates and ranked-choice elections that subvert the people’s will and ensure that the establishment puts in a guy they can control and who institutes policies that benefit them, not the people. 

Voting is all we got. Ballot boxes stop bloodshed, and why Democrats want to have confusion and chaos baffles the mind. This shouldn’t be political: Both parties should be in support of voter IDs. 


Jeffery McNeil is an artist and vendor with Street Sense Media.

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