What Am I

What am I, do you know; am I alive or am I a ghost
am I here or am I there; am I the sky or am I the grass
what am I, do you know yet;
am I the house that you live in or am I the bed that you lay in
what am I, still don’t know;
am I a dog or am I a cat; am I an ear or am I a nose;
what am I, do you have a clue yet
am I a person or am I a place; am I a thing or am I a fling
what am I, don’t have a clue
am I a flower or am I a bug; am I a song or am I a note;
What am I?
I will tell you
I am alive and I am here, I am the sky and I am the grass
What am I, still you ask
I am not a house and I am not the bed
I am not the dog and I am not the cat
You look at me everyday, so you know
I am the ear that hears your cries
I am the nose that’s on your face
Got a clue now
I am not the sea and I am not the ocean
I am not a ship and I am not a boat
I am a person, but I am not a place
Still clueless, haven’t got a clue
I am not a thing and I am not a fling
I am a flower but I am not a bug
You look at me everyday so you should know
I am the song that’s in your heart
I am the note that you have wrote
But still you ask, what am I; when you see me everyday
You should already know what am I like, but you don’t already know
that I am you and you are me and that you should know what I am

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