We’ve been through a lot

A view of the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial with the Washington Monument in the background

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For a long time now, we’ve been wearing masks and staying six feet apart from one another in stores and markets. 

Do you remember when we could only ride in the back portion of the bus? Or when indoor restaurants were completely closed other than serving people at the door or through delivery? 

Our society has been pushing you to use the computer more and more for a while, but when the pandemic hit, it became necessary overnight to use computers to do everything you used to do in person: shop, communicate, schedule appointments, go to school. For a long time, it left our city feeling almost like a small town. No one was out unless they had nowhere else to go. And if you relied on asking other people for help, there were not too many people left to ask. They were all inside.

Do you remember when the armed forces came to town to enforce quarantining and distancing — watching how many people went into the store? It’s hard to believe some of these situations were not that long ago. Many people are still struggling from lost jobs and slow business. If you have to pay bills through stimulus checks and unemployment checks, the money runs out fast. I hope we’re moving toward better days. 

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