We All Can Beat This COVID-19 Together

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I’m praying for all of my loyal Street Sense Media customers. I hope they are doing well during this pandemic. 

Me, on the other hand, well emotions are flying high within my family and a few friends, even though we all live in our own respective homes. Sure, it’s trying times, even among our loved ones. 

Humans are social people, but we all need some alone time from each other too.  That’s why we have schools, so our children can learn to be sociable among their peers, and parents can keep their sanity in check. 

 Now, with this pandemic going on, God is definitely trying all of our patience with the stay-at-home order. 

I’m praying for a lot of children and other domestic violence victims that are trying to stay safe from their abusers. If anyone, like a neighbor, hears something that isn’t right, they should go ahead and say something to the proper authorities. The stay-at-home order doesn’t mean everything is shut-down.

Coronavirus has got me pulling out old projects I kicked aside years ago. Social media has got me all depressed, talking about some of Trump’s inappropriate sarcastic comments about hydroxychloroquine, which is used to treat malaria, saying it could treat COVID-19. Trump’s supporters believe every word he says because he is the president of the United States!

The bottom line is I am bored out of my mind. But I prefer to have a stay-at-home order in the hopes of not being a contributor to spreading COVID-19 to others whose immune system is compromised or who might not know that they have a compromised immune system, even though they feel healthy.

We all have to work together to beat this COVID-19! I want some sense of normalcy back into my life too! I miss holding my grandchildren, Mom, daughter and talking with my Street Sense Media clients.

We all have to show some sense of empathy towards all of mankind during these trying and scary times.

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