Remembering Waldon Adams

A photo of Waldon Adams at a marathon.

Waldon Adams completes his 13th marathon, a habit he picked up after stabilizing his life in permanent supportive housing. 2015 photo by Mataillong Du //

Waldon Adams, a longtime homeless advocate at Miriam’s Kitchen, Friendship Place, Pathways to Housing, and the D.C. Interagency Council on Homelessness — as well as with the People for Fairness Coalition, where he volunteered alongside author Queenie Featherstone — was killed by a vehicle on April 24 while walking at Hains Point with Rhonda Whitaker, another advocate.

Willing always
Loved to serve
Dynamic leader
Ostracized at times
Not afraid

Afflicted himself
Dedicated to the cause
Allowed others to be first (often)
Shared his story

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