Violent Spring

Photo of a gun

Image courtesy of Tumisu / Pixabay

I ain’t writing about bunnies and the enjoyment of spring, which would be somewhat of a distraction.

I am writing because I was threatened with a gun when I was 18 so it has affected me.

I am writing because some people have a change of heart.

I want to write about a better place where there is no shooting, cause guns are not going off on their own — people are using them for wrong…

People are fighting to end gun violence and most are fighting to have protection. We don’t actually know who is protecting and destroying, but that is a topic for another time…

I am writing because the terms “mass shooting,” school shooting,” “homicide,” and “suicide” exist.

People have no right to end lives, period!

Some individuals are not seeing why others are killing people and why it should not be happening at all.

Like the reasons why most people get away and slip through the cracks is because people put the cracks there.

I am writing because killings and bloodshed have to end and stop. Yes there are bad people and good people — but I also think there is a difference between wrong and right.

And it’s not to judge specific individuals but it’s to dig to find reasons.

There are survivors.

There are suspects.

But there shouldn’t be people who pay to hurt people as well.

Who is really fearful?

Who is taking advantage of vulnerable citizens?

Who is organizing crimes?

Who is protecting citizens?

It’s 2021 and systematic racism still exists.

There is an awareness for why everyone is losing a mom, dad, sister, brother, son, or daughter from being killed.

So a gun isn’t violent, the wrong person holding it is…

Taking away B.S.

I am writing for a reason but more to come…

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