Understanding my cause and effect

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o deeply know something 

But ignore or be blind to the cause. 

Reason, knowledge of one’s self, roadblocks,

Triggers, is to remove one’s self 

Out of his or her own way. 

Expectation is one major road to unhappiness. 

For expectation causes false beliefs, 

Which cause one to lose focus, 

As in driving a car. 

Lost to his or her crossroads. 

No direction 

On which road his or hers belong.

Mankind’s nature is to panic, 

Damaging your thought’s reason. 

Mind trapped into society’s ways 

Of being like a puppet pulled by strings. 

With a saying,

“I am a made man, the streets raised me.”

But not me, 

God made me and with blessing 

God raises me.”

So I follow God’s voice 

And walk through God’s land,

Live by God’s plan, 

That’s what I understand.

So my cause to move 

Is through God’s breath 

And the effect is to rest 

In God’s plan.

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