Two Weeks Gone & Back


I want to express to all customers that I am fine and well. I was with my mother for the past two weeks. She had cataract surgery and needed me to help her from the hospital to home. I stayed at mom’s place to cook her meals, pick up her eye medicine, shop for food and show her how many times she needed to put in her eye drops.

I didn’t mind it one bit. She birthed me and took care of me when I couldn’t take care of myself. I went to doctor’s appointments with her after the surgery. It was nice and refreshing to catch up and hear some new information about family and friends.

My mom is doing fine and she can see a lot better than she could before the surgery. She is back to her normal routine and I get to go back to my home and get back into my routine of selling Street Sense newspapers. Eighteen days of rain is very difficult on us Street Sense vendors.

Issues |Family|Health, Physical|Jobs

Region |Washington DC

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