Trump is no longer president. Why is there still so much rage? 

The last time Democrats were this angry at Republicans was when Abe Lincoln freed the slaves.

In 2016, Americans who didn’t carry water for Hillary Clinton were “deplorable.” Today, Democrats have ratcheted up the rhetoric by telling 79 million Americans that their voice doesn’t matter. The views from the Biden White House are correct; if you don’t bend the knee, you’re a fascist. 

I find it amusing that the Democrats who want to cancel the Electoral College, pack the Supreme Court, take away our right to bear arms, and remove the filibuster are calling those who oppose them radical and extreme. 

Leftists accused Trump of being a fascist, but these civically challenged novices can’t specifically name what rights they lost when he was president. 

When Trump was president, Madonna threatened to blow up the White House, though she later said it was a “metaphor.” Robert De Niro wanted to punch him in the face. And who can forget Kathy Griffin holding up a fake severed head?

Do Leftists think you can do this in China or Iran? 

Trying to disarm citizens is what all tyrants do. And Joe Biden has vowed to ban assault weapons, even though he doesn’t understand that any semi-automatic gun can be turned into a machine gun. 

Unfortunately, these Leftists who have no clue about the Constitution won’t understand the Second Amendment protects the First Amendment and the Fourth Amendment, too. 

Joe Biden, who ran on unity, has now said that those who support Trump don’t deserve a seat at the table. 

I have lived in Washington, D.C., for 15 years. I live across the street from the Green Lantern, sell newspapers at the Farmers Market at Dupont Circle, and my roommate is an atheist. I have many gay customers who despise Joe Biden and are more conservative than right wing evangelical Republicans. 

But I accept Washington, D.C. I don’t judge what other people do, and I choose not to follow them in their ideologies and lifestyles. I don’t care if you’re liberal or conservative; I show loyalty to people who have looked out for me. 

I work at a bar with staff of different cultures and ethnicities. I can speak a little Spanish and understand French and Moroccan while learning Mongolian and Afghan culture. My co-workers are my family, and I would tell any right winger to go to hell if they demonize people who just want to better their lives. 

I’m probably more on the liberal than the conservative side. I try to help people but don’t need to brag about it. I like to be independent. I don’t want free stuff, I want self sufficiency. This falls on deaf ears for Leftists who have a plan to remake America. 

I don’t want a revolution, and I will stand in the way against people that want to start one.

I like the Constitution and Bill of Rights, believe in God and screw those who attack me for it. I’m not anti-immigrant, but is it xenophobia to say that maybe we should do a better job policing who or what crosses our border? 

What is compassionate: starving our poor while squandering our resources for people who don’t respect or obey our laws? 

I don’t understand all this anger from Biden voters. They got what they wanted. They removed Trump. They have the first Asian American, Black woman as vice president. They have the first Black, lesbian woman as press secretary. Americans now have to pay the debt of liberal arts majors.

With the midterm elections a few months away, the media is convincing some that there will be no red wave after all.

I saw the same thing when Hillary ran in 2016. There was no way history would be denied. There is now the same sense of assuredness. But what will happen if they wake up the morning after and MAGA runs D.C.? 

Jeffery McNeil is a vendor with Street Sense Media. 

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