Ben Schumin/Wikipedia

The Metro Transit Police locked me up  
In a psych ward  
Because I was drunk 
This is kind of messed up   
And kind of sucks
They said I wasn’t in any trouble—   
Yet I’ve been here four days  
Against my will  
I drink every day  
This is nothing new  
They said I was walking naked  
In front of oncoming traffic  
But when they arrested me  
I had all my clothes on  
I also had a cup with lots of cash  
That I couldn’t spend  
I get released tomorrow
My mother sent me a holiday package  
I haven’t even seen  
I had enough problems.  
My life is rough stuff   
And now they’re making it  
Even more difficult  
This ain’t right  
And it’s completely unfair  
This makes no sense  
They say it ain’t a punishment  
Yet I feel punished  
And I didn’t even   
Break the law

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