Touched by sunshine

A photo of a sunlight beaming onto a road between lots of trees.

Photo by JOHN TOWNER on Unsplash

Beheld by the light of your eyes, this is why we call you sunshine. Your touch from your lifetime brings justful feelings to my heart. This is why we call you the sunshine of this family for the joy you passed on will never part. You hold the life of dreams from a dreamer in your face. I see your dreams touched by your soul. Let me dream my way out of your dream. I feel your soul and in me, I feel like a newborn in life. That’s what I am, your newborn. The blessings of your past, a soul born for you, a man with a dreamer heart, your offspring who has a dream of being a poet. I will always be a part of your dreams. You will always be in my dreams. your eyes are my sunshine, my will to live. Follow all of your dreams for me, your blessings count for a lifetime. I now have a pen name and publish. This ink flows from the life of your firstborn dream.

Issues |Family

Region |Washington DC

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