Today’s job

People walking in the city

People walking in the city. Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Zeldman/Flickr.

Street Sense is my job right now. No, that’s not quite true: it is my job.

The work is harder than many of you think. You’re dealing with all types of people in the heat (now) and the cold (winter). You got to have some type of communication skill to deal with everyone. Some people make it hard for you because they think you’re panhandling. We are not. We’re saving lives by letting our customers know what’s going on with homeless people. And that is a job.

I try to follow these rules; I think you should, too. Don’t let no one try to keep you down. If you have an apartment, take really, really good care of it. And keep negative people away from the world you’re trying to build for yourself.


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We believe ending homelessness begins with listening to the stories of those who have experienced it.