To My Relations, Partners in Crime

A photograph of a golden snake looking at a red apple.

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Love is illegal, 
as is living. 
The world say’s “Yeah— 
how much more for heaven?!” 
Are we in sync, 
linked, with prioritized preferability? 
God’s blessings and love are for everyone, 
through me, to me. 
No flows of my own.  
Internal upsets. 
My talent has waged campaigns,  
of booze and cigarettes. 
Internal upsets. 
Consumption etiquettes, 
preferably blessed.  
To my past, now, and always partners in crime: 
let’s assure insure: stay in LAWS permissively.  
No intentions should be sanitized or slow-walked. 
We deserve to watch and talk. 
Promise your soul’s taste, 
prayerfully, carefully and sometimes not at all. 
For love admired is a never-ending hope,  
a secret affair of dreams. 
Love reverently, be preferably, 
and be what we want. 
Twice the going rate is love. 
Great, be careful. 
Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

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