Brave New Future 3

Man in a tunnel of light


PREVIOUSLY: It’s been a wild ride. Two military men from the future appeared in 2018 and told me I was president of Earth in 4242. I was needed and had to go into a cryogenic nap at NORAD to get there. When I arrived and was leading the planet, a time shift occurred at the White House and my Dad appeared. He needed my help back in 1902…

The date is November 7, 4242. It is the election for the new President of Earth.

I just returned from the 1902, which was a hard time. I found out that my dad was from a different dimension, which was unsettling. Now I know, and must accept, that I am half-human.

In 4242 I just won the presidency. Two clones were running against me: one of Mr. Trump and the second was of Mrs. Clinton.

Now I’m arranging to send the Trump clone to be imprisoned in North Korea because he passionately wants to send non-humans into space to never live on Earth. I don’t see him giving up on this ridiculous idea, even though I’ve won the election. The real Mr. Trump took similar action when he became President of the U.S. in 2017.

I’m not proud of what I’m doing, but I have to. I am half-human and Dad is from another dimension. I don’t want to see him put into space, not after I’ve done so much for Earth.   (to be continued)

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