Those who won’t get vaccinated are making life harder for everyone else

I had to call in sick on Aug. 3 because I wasn’t feeling well. I went to see my doctor that day, thinking I might have food poisoning after eating dinner with my cousin who I haven’t seen in-person in years. He came to D.C. to march with the Poor People’s Campaign on Aug. 2, because he was the marshal of the rally with Rev. Jesse Jackson and a few hundred other folks. All were from Chicago, Illinois.

The weekend before he came in, Mayor Muriel Bowser mandated all residents wear face masks again, regardless of whether you are fully vaccinated or not! Covid-19 cases were rising in D.C. as the delta variant arrived.

Why would she do that when they have lifted all travel restrictions regardless of whether people are vaccinated? The D.C. Department of Health says anyone diagnosed with Covid-19, experiencing symptoms, or in close contact with those who are should quarantine before traveling. But that’s not enforceable. So why is Mayor Bowser continuing to allow tourism and rallies back in the city? It’s really defeating the purpose of wearing a mask while community spread is on the rise.

Shut down the city again! Or require vaccinated people to show proof before they can sightsee or hold rallies in the city, which won’t pan out well.

The CDC has to stop flip-flopping on masks for people who are fully vaccinated, and people who aren’t immunized should wear a mask or get the damn shot! Since the 1950s, every child born in the U.S. has had to be vaccinated. A child can’t go to any private, public, or charter school unless they are up to date with their shots, and the same should go for adults.

Our government is following CDC recommendations. It’s taxing everyone’s nerves, including mine — especially since just two weeks ago, vaccinated people didn’t have to wear masks at all.

People, to beat this virus head-on, everyone needs to be vaccinated. I have a family member who lives in Washington state and is fully vaccinated but has to stay inside her home for 10 days because she tested positive. It could be a false positive, or a “breakthrough case” that would have been much worse if she hadn’t gotten the shot. The experts at the CDC aren’t gods with special powers. They are scientists who collect data to protect the public from getting the virus. 

I have another family member that tried to get the shot and was told she needs to speak with her primary doctor first. Her doctor said that because of the medication she takes to stay alive, the vaccine would be useless if she had gotten it. She got a note from her doctor! But people who self-diagnose or don’t listen to their doctor can’t get an official exception like that.

Get the shot, please. So many lives depend on it. We all can beat this virus together!

Aida Peery is a vendor program associate, artist, and vendor with Street Sense Media.

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