Thinking of My Father

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By Daniel Ball

I love my father every single day.

My father passed away about six or seven years ago now. We both loved to go fishing together. He used to take us to Sandy Point when I was little. He did most of the cookin’ of the fish. I’ve forgotten the name of the fish now.

I honor my father, and respect my mother every day. 

Happy Father’s Day, Earnest.

Love for my family

By Melody Byrd

I want to say happy Father’s Day to my family and friends.

My father is a really good father. Fathers are nice to have. 

God is nice to bless a person with love from fathers.

My father shows me love and understanding.

My brother, I want to wish you a happy Father’s Day, with love and dedication.

My son, my uncle, may God bless you with good memories, nice things, and good days of devotion.


By Robert Reed

Dear Dad, it’s always good to have a friend.

I was last with my Dad when I was little. I hung out with my father. We had father-son talk. We played football. 

My Dad passed when I was 10. I miss him.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad.

What he taught me

By Mary Sellman

My real Dad died when I was 8 years old. We did not get along.

My Stepdad is like my Dad. He’s been with me since I was 3 years old. 

Everything I know about life and about God, my Stepdad taught me.

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