Thinking of Dan

Dan's badge photo.

Street Sense Media writer and vendor Dan Hooks died suddenly at the beginning of this month. His family is holding a funeral on Oct. 23 and a more public memorial service will be announced when details become available.

Right now, my heart is heavy, along with other Street Sense family and friends alike. In a twinkle of an eye, you can be history. 

My heart and prayers go out to Dan’s daughter, sister, and the rest of the family. There’s no easy way of grieving. Whether the death was slow or sudden, it’s always emotional. The tears come when you’re by yourself, sometimes, but can force their way out when you’re around others, too.

Dan’s memories and writings will live on in our hearts and minds forever. Through times like this, prayer and togetherness helps us move forward and cherish the memories. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Rest in peace, Dan. Love ya! God bless.

Marcus Green, Artist/Vendor

This is the thing about remembering friends, and even family, that has gone on. No one was perfect. And it’s OK to talk about the good and the bad of a person. We’re all human.

 Yes, our hearts are grieved. Some even enroll in grief-sharing classes because we miss them oh so much. It’s remembering them, as they were, that will keep bringing joy and happiness to you. We all know the life of our dear friends and family who have passed away.

Queenie Featherstone, Artist/Vendor

Whenever he’d come in the lobby at Street Sense, Dan would talk to whoever was in there. He was friendly, upbeat. I didn’t know him that much. But when I sat there and I looked at his picture when I heard he passed, all I could think was, “God rest his soul.” 

Peace be to you, brother. 

Daniel Ball, Artist/Vendor

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