They had me in hell, in the cell too

It was my first time ever in D.C. Jail. I had often heard the lyric D.C. P.O.P. repeated that it was “a living hell”! I had lost my mind at the fact that it was underneath the building. Remember, I said I was heavy into the church around this time, so when they asked me if I was ready to see the judge, I panicked, thinking God was judging.

They drugged me in the cell, since I had a panic attack. They disregarded that they were smacking my shoulders on the cell gates entry points when they drug me by the shackles I was bound by. I could barely register the pain as I tried to grasp my situation. Once, they sent me back after a failed appearance. I got into it with one of the guards, when they tried to do a cavity check. I was offended, which caused him to react in a forceful manner since I continued to deny this request.

I felt like I was being molested by the system. So, as he went to forcefully remove my clothing, I bucked him up off of me, and we went on to exchange body blows. When I was suddenly caught with one good shot to the ribs, that took all of the fight right up out of me. Then, I succumbed to the mental energy that went to work up in that area, as I felt like I was being tested by disappearing towels to finally not even wanting to wear my black all-star shirt anymore, as I could feel the heat from it in the room. I laid down, trying to recover.

It was at ease from there, as I recall being restrained and escorted on a gurney, and I couldn’t see or tell who was who. I also recall being loaded in with some other loonies, and we all busted out laughing as one’s giggles infected another, before we were all separated.

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