The W

Image of Nationals Stadium

Nationals Stadium. Photo by Daniel Borman / Flickr

Now let me tell you about the W  

Even my city starts with a W 

Where we don’t take Ls 

Only Ws  

They say we might not win  

I say we never lose.  


Bryce Harper left my city  

For a cheesesteak from Philly 

No, my city ain’t petty  

But we don’t take no pity  

We just eliminated the Dodgers  

This just baseball talk:  

Who the h*** is Bryce Harper?  

No disrespect to Philly  

But we the Nationals  

We the Nationals, really!  


We rock the red like the Caps  

You know we puttin’ D.C. on the map  

Still love my Wizards, still love my Skins 

Go Mystics! We’re finally champions.  


Brought it home for the city  

Now it’s time to celebrate  

So let’s get busy 

We the W, we the DMV  

We united forever,  

You know we DC.  


I woke up this morning  

With a Natitude 

We swept St. louis,  

Ain’t no gratitude. 


My mayor made a bet  

With the mayor of Houston  

That wasn’t so political  

Like Trump and Putin.  


Now we got their mayor,  

And the Houston rockets  

Rockin’ the red. 

Happy Halloween!  

The Nats came back from the dead.  


What good is a jersey,  

If it don’t get dirty?  

What good is a home run, 

If my city don’t get it done?  


There could never be an “I” in TEAM.  

Like there could never ever be an “I” in DREAM.  

Go Nats! We did it together. 

We just won the World Series  

We been waiting forever  

In the W! 

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