The Scarlet Woman

As I walk the streets, I admire everyone’s life. I escape and ride the bus to the upper-class neighborhoods. And I dream. 

I dream to be rich. I dream to be a queen of the earth because I know I was born into a royal family.

I know my worth. I know my value. But how can I enter into that destiny?

I was told so many times that my life would be full of success, but why has it not matched up to my present?

Is this my destiny, to suffer in this life? If so, in my next life I shall be queen. I shall reign over the earth.

I put faith in myself. Once I found out who I was, I said, “I got this.” Everybody will have to follow my beat.

Beat after beat, I run around in the same circle. Repeat every obstacle over and over. Beat after beat.

I cry out, “Lord, why so much heartache, why so much pain? I know that I am the chosen one. Why won’t my trial stop?”

Beat after beat, what am I doing wrong that these trials won’t cease?

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? An enemy of your own destiny. 

Stop! Let it go.

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