The Pre-Season Thinking

Photo of a heavy snow fall in Washington, DC

Photo courtesy of user samialbanna / flickr

Preparing for the cold season is more strategically thinking than tactical thinking. According to Lieutenant Colonel Paul Maizeroy (1719-1780) of the French military in the Origins of Military Thought, tactics in preparedness enforces the rules while strategy was less dependent on rules. Strategic thinking thus took many other factors into consideration. One is required to be flexible to move even in cold weather. This makes one in control by choosing the right place and time to be. It is like the football season when games are won in the same way via motion, place and time.  

The other three strategies coined by the French soldier are useful once inside a homeless shelter during hypothermia. It is what experienced football players do to late in the season when it is really cold. First, do not do what your rival wants, if you really win, think and have less homeless shelter rules enforced on you. Secondly, good tactics according to the military is disrupting your rival’s initiative and not dominating the entire thought of the evening. Lastly, maintain good communication and an understanding of mathematical calculus.  

I specifically listen to daily local weather forecasts and international news at dawn each day on a small transistor FM radio. I have for over four plus years, also study Newton calculus. The pre-season of football and hypothermia is more strategy and less tactics.  

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