The power of thought…

What is more than a mere memory of time…more than a reverie of past experiences and emotions, applied to present situations? Is thought the engine behind all of our travels…what controls our “left breaks” from our “righteous pedals?” Which of all the billion, trillion, “infinite-illions” of our thoughts are organic…and of which are influenced by our devils?

Who, where, and how is it that the thoughts in my head, have strangers wrestling with sleep in their beds? Under the authority of whom, do you dare take what’s resting deep in my mind, just to pick through the best and leave the rest behind…

How is it, at times, so easy to allow others’ perceptions to dictate how we learn, grow, and shape and mold up our shrines? When I’m in reality, all they know how to do is scheme, shame, plot, and recline…

I think of a bad time; my mood is all sad.

I think of a rough time; my temper may spaz…

I once thought of true love; my entire vibrations turned glad…

I think all three too fast, and everyone swears I’ve gone mad!

If I ever “crash out and burn,” they’ll say, “‘He’s crazy-schizo-bipolar! Just like his Dad…”

You see they’re dark, large and heavy…you can’t help with these bags.

When I get tired of carrying them, I sit and contemplate, over a mirror of trash…

If the mind controls the body…then is it the thought which carries the mind? A woman told me years ago that I’ll never be able to control my thoughts. I instantly thought of my dreams and humbly agreed. It is in that state of sleep that we are in complete submission to the omnipresent master. In every way I’m powerless. So, I pondered, if man is not in absolute possession of his or her own thoughts…then how could one ever be sincere and confident in their actions?

As for myself, I find comfort within the consciousness. more than knowing; UNDERSTANDING that we are all related through ‘The Spirit of Conscious Connectivity’, has made me submissive to the will…his will.

This keeps my conscience clean, my thoughts pure, and my intentions to the most right…however, the mind is just one aspect of man! Does what man speak of the flesh, and to what or whose authority is that desirous aspect accredited too…only if one knew?

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