The Nats

Image of Nationals Stadium

Nationals Stadium. Photo by Mr.TinDC / Flickr

I love that away blue  

the Nats wear; 

it seems to keep them true. 

That home red used to be alright 

before these MAGA  

hats came into sight. 


I heard Trump got booed  

that night; 

He wouldn’t even throw  

out the first pitch; A tradition  

for Major League Baseball. 


But that was a key  

to the opposition  

person who did  

what he was supposed to do.  

When Trump’s face appeared  

on the mega screen 

the fans hollered  

“lock him up too.” 


Even thought those Nats 

got blown away that night, 

that win in their away blue would lead  

them to fight another day  

and finish that fight 

on that magic night. 


If we’d lost game seven 

we’d still celebrate.  

But we won, so  

we might climb the new  

White House fence 

some night.  

Now, that would be  

a hell of a sight! 

When the Nats come home 

after their night of nights 

maybe Trump will be  

nowhere in sight. 

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