The Miseducation of Christina Cole: A whole new world

A poster with the words "We Want Black Power" printed on it.

BLACK POWER, 1967. 'We Want Black Power.' Cover of a pamphlet distributed by the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committe (SNICK), 1967. Photo courtesy of the Granger Collection/ Wikipedia

Yesterday I wanted to change the world. Today I wouldn’t mind seeing it destroyed. Is this place even worth saving?!!!
Better question: If “we” were to create a “new world” … a “mostly perfect world” … who would be “allowed” to live there? What things would you place value on? What words would you put in that “negative” category? What colors would you correlate to beauty? Are we still gonna go with Black for everything that’s bad? Or is my Black gonna finally be beautiful on this fictional f***ing planet?
How about this: I’m not going to get myself all worked up asking you great questions, questions that I’ve been asking and answering since I was six years old, only to be disgusted and very disappointed with your shallow yet illuminating answers. 
You people tell on yourselves when I ask basic questions like this. You expose how you really view people, life, and nature. Your answers convey your lack of respect for anything besides the love of money, and that you value your property more than the life of a fellow human. Meanwhile the death — or heaven forbid the murder — of a dog or a lion sparks international debate. Are you people f***ing serious?
So yeah, I’m done asking questions. Now I’m telling you my answers. My answers are the framework for my new world. You might not like my new world, but lemme ask you one last thing: Were you even invited?

  1. Who is allowed to live there?

Good humans only. Those who respect order, beauty, structure, and energy. Those who love themselves, firstly, and then love others unabashedly, infinitely, and without fear of judgment about the gender or other important characteristics about what love looks in their happy and healthy lives. 

  1. What would we place value on? 

History, tradition, family love, bonds friendship, music, community, intellect, growth change, efficiency, joy, joy, fun, hope, work and progress.

  1. What colors are important?

Well, let’s see… ALL OF THEM!!! You guys say there are seven: ROY-G-BIV. I beg to differ but hey, let’s start with seven for now. All, and every color under the sun and moon are beautiful, different, and have worth and meaning. Each color is deserving of respect even if that specific hue disagrees with or doesn’t appease your pallet at some moment in time. 

These questions and answers that I have been pondering for a whole 36 years,are the infrastructure and thought processes that could, should, and will support and govern Christina Ashley Cole’s WHOLE NEW WORLD. 
Get onboard AmeriKKKa.

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