The flowers

I was born in the county Virginia Blue ride as a matter of fact. I have lived in lots of places. DC, New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, etc. I moved a lot trying to find me and getting close to God. Anyway, each state has a state flower. All flowers are pretty to me including the wild tropical flowers. People always notice the big flowers but sometimes overlook the small ones. When I lived in New York I worked for the park service. The parks were [unknown word] with the things you couldn’t imagine. Me and the other workforce people along with community service people had to clean different parks day to day. One day when I had to clean a really nasty area, I walked away in a moment to catch my breath. When I look around I seen these very tiny white flowers and these beautiful little yellow ones. I said to myself, “This is God’s way of saying I can show you beauty in the worst situation.” I found out the flowers were called Baby’s Breath and the Yellow Buttercup. When I think of them or see them I remember that day and good feeling nature.

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