The eye in war



Maybe war is a good thing.
Like they say, no guts no glory
Standing up for justice to see
A woman with child smiling
She knows her husband didn’t
Die in vain.
Someone’s always trying to make
Man fearful, beating the drums
Of war.
Like the right ones we left
Behind. Like death won’t reach you
When it’s your time to die.
Going back to being fearful,
They, you know, those people on the
Right, they always got some baby
You need to fear.
Did you say they created ISIS?
I wonder why no one talks about fearing Christ?
I heard He was coming back
With a sword in the one hand,
The right, and a scale in the left.
All of the disciples went to war
And died.
Does our Lord command that we stand up
For what is just?
To fi ght the Devil
All one has to do
Is look in the mirror,
And go to war.
Hurry, hurry they say. When Christ
Comes back, for he will eat heads
Off of every warring devil.
And the woman and children will
Smile and righteousness will praise God.

Issues |Civil Rights|Death|Family|Lifestyle|Political commentary|Spirituality|Veterans

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