The coming storm

Youth preparing signs for the Sasha Bruce Youthwork demonstration in July. Photo courtesy of Sasha Bruce Youthwork.

A storm is gathering in America. It is a wake-up call that is spreading all over the world. It’s a cry for a real change!

Call out injustice and rally to support meeting the basic human needs of all people. I ask you, did you vote on the real issues that have been affecting all Americans for the past four years?

These are some of the issues that we all know about:

  1. This is the greatest economic crisis we have faced in 75 years. There are around 30 million Americans unemployed as of September 2020.
  2. America has over 10 million confirmed coronavirus cases — the worst outbreak in the free world!
  3. Half a million Americans are estimated to be homeless, while as many as 50 million people don’t have enough to eat, 17 million more than before the pandemic hit.
  4. 500,000 undocumented youth have been detained at the border, including as many as 5,400 who were taken from their parents. 545 of those children have not been reunited with their families.
  5. There are 2.3 million people incarcerated in America and about 80 percent of that population is Black, Hispanic, and Native people. Why?
  6. Why is there still systemic racism and discrimination against Black people in this country? In 2020?
  7. We absolutely need police reform in this country. The year is not over yet, and the police have killed over 160 Black Americans, as of early November. Last year it was 250 Black people. Do you think we need to reform our police departments across the country?
  8. Black Lives Matter. Well, in God’s eyes, all life matters. He doesn’t discriminate, only mankind does — all over the world. Why?
  9. Do you think there is a greenhouse effect on our planet? Do you think the North and the South poles are melting? Have you noticed our weather pattern has been changing over the years? I ask you, what are you doing to save our planet?

I hope that you voted, and continue to vote, on these issues. It’s not about political parties, but about our future and the best people to help us all.

There is an emerging army that is approaching this storm. It’s made of young folks that are willing to ban together to make a real change in this world of ours. They are facing many barriers, but more and more people join every day.

They are so concerned about their fellow human beings on this planet that they have taken up the responsibility to cooperate for change on a global scale. I like to take a knee for these young folks. They have a lot of courage to face life’s challenges with respect for one another and pride in this undertaking to make history.

They want affordable housing and health care for all; an end to war, hunger, and homelessness; and to eliminate systemic racism. We all need to help in saving our planet and our people, or it will save itself without any of mankind left alive. This is the future now! Stand up and be counted with them and keep the faith!

Morrow is an artist and vendor with Street Sense Media.

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