The babysitter

I am taking her home; she is afraid to step back.

“Can I help you?”

“May I come in? You must be Mr. Derek Smith Mitchell. I’ve been arranging with your wife for a babysitting job.”

“You got any ID? I’m asking if you have an ID because you will be babysitting my child. I want to know about you; I want to know everything about you. What’s so strange?”

“Yes, of course.”

“What’s wrong? Are you going to relax? I just want to have a closer look. What is the problem? But, if you say anything to my wife about this you’re going to be very sorry. Do I make myself clear, darling?”

“Oh, I see you’ve already met my husband. Hello, nice to meet you. I really hope you’re going to stay with us much longer than the other nannies.”

“I hope so, too. Is there a problem?

“Not at all. When I’m with David, he’s just an angel. But, each time I leave, no babysitter can stand him for more than a week. It’s very strange. He is such a kind kid and has never caused any problems.”

“Yeah, uh baby, you’re going to be late for the plane; I mean, you have to hurry up. Don’t worry about anything.”

“You’re right.”

“Honey, please watch the time; it’s very important for everything to be on time. You have nothing to worry about.”

“You’re obsessed with time.”


“Good luck, let me help you.”

“Thank you. Bye! I love you…I guess it’s the two of you now.”

“Listen to me, I like it when my babysitters look attractive and presentable. Just do as I say, and everything will be okay. Do you understand?

She nods.

“Good. Let me show you around.”

After some time, Mr. Derek and the babysitter meet again.

“Well, well, well, I see you took my advice– you look attractive. I like the lipstick.”

She looks down at the ground.

“Hey, when somebody gives you a compliment, you’re supposed to thank them.”

“Thank you.”


“Mr. Derek, I wanted to ask you for an advance.”

“You’re already talking about money?”

“My family is in a very difficult situation. My mother—she is in the hospital. And, I’m spending all my savings on her. I’ve taken multiple jobs, but I still barely make it. The advance would really help out my family a lot.”

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier? You can talk to me. I’m an understanding person. I’ll be right back, just wait here. If you need the money, here, go ahead and take it. You don’t have to take it. I’m not making you. How’s David doing?”

“He’s such a nice kid, calm and quiet.”

“So, I guess you’re free now, huh? Come on, don’t act dumb. You know perfectly well what it means.”

“That’s not why I took the money! Derek, you’re married! You have a beautiful wife.”

“Oh, forget about my marriage. My wife is busy making money. So, what do you say? That stupid kid is whiny, just like his mother. We’re not done yet! Where are you going?”
“Stop this! If you continue, I’ll just leave!”

“You’ll just leave? Where to, huh? You stole my money! Fifty-grand! That’s how it is going to be, if you resist. I’ll go to the police and report that a large sum of money is missing. Who do you think they are going to suspect? Huh?”

“You can’t do this!”

“Oh, I think I can. You know what this is? These are your papers. Tomorrow night, come to me and be ready. And, if you tell anyone about this, there’s going to be some serious consequences. Look at me, remember that.”

The baby starts to cry. “I need to go, David is crying. I need to go to him!”

“He’ll be just fine. It’s alright for kids to cry. We’ve got more important things to do here.”

“You are the most incredible, amazing, most unique and rarest creep I’ve ever seen! You heard me! You heard me, creep!”

“Now, wait a minute! What is this?”

These women used to work for her as a babysitter. They quit because her husband was flirting. The wife came home and saw the videotape. She couldn’t believe it. The tape, that’s how she caught him. With the tape, she had him arrested and put in jail, after she called the cops.

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